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Security and data protection

Our data protection policy

To ensure the success of the specialized services offered by us, we strive to collect as much information as possible about our customers and business partners. At the same time, the protection of personal data is a matter taken very seriously. Our customers, business partners and employees should be aware of Koelnmesse’s policy regarding personal data, giving everyone the opportunity to decide how their data is collected, processed and used.

Scope of Data Protection Regulation

The Data Protection Regulation is valid for all personal data collected, processed or used by Koelnmesse or its subsidiaries. Including information received by us about your participation in the fair or other event and the correspondence of your business with our company, as well as the data informed to us passed on by third parties to be used for commercial purposes in international fairs.

Also included are all the data contained in your registration documents, information received from your visits to our websites (used for technical administration purposes), and data obtained as a result of a security check to determine if you have your authorized access to any pages protected.

Why should you provide your personal information to Koelnmesse?

By providing us with your personal information we can offer you several benefits in return. That is, it will be easier and convenient for you:
• Plan your visit to the fair as we can provide you with specific information on the preparation of the event
• Register as a visitor to certain events so that you can receive all the benefits you are entitled to by purchasing the online ticket
• Receive personal messages and offers from our company or exhibitors
• Make good planning and participation in the fair while benefiting from the wide range of services offered by the Koelnmesse Group
• Save time so you can focus on topics that really interest you

By providing us with your data you enable us to conduct market research in order to offer the best services and customer service, in addition to optimizing our offerings.

You can provide us with your personal information in a variety of ways, for example by creating an account in our online store, sending us a fax of the visitor or exhibitor registration form, when you register for a competition, when you register in person at the exhibition center or as part of a survey.

What types of information people collect?

Whenever you visit one of our websites our servers will not only store the technical parameters necessary for the transfer of data from the website but also the following information:
• Date, time and duration of your visit to one of our websites
• The IP number that has been assigned to you by your Internet service provider
• The website you are visiting
• The tool (ie browser, operating system) you use to access the website
• The terms you used in search engines and for website search
• Whether a website was successfully accessed or not
• What information was obtained (including downloads)
• From which server you accessed the website

Website Cookies and Records

Some of our pages transmit a cookie (a small text file) to your computer that allows us to recognize it the next time you visit our website. If you do not want to receive cookies, select the ‘Help’ option to learn how to disable all cookies or receive a warning before the cookie can be saved. If you want to know more about cookies, go to:

Whenever you visit our website to browse, read articles or download information, we collect and save the data relating to your visit, ie a clearly defined identification, the name of the host and domain from which you accessed the internet, the address your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time you accessed the website, and the URL from which you directly accessed our website. We use this information to monitor visitors and recognize visitors returning to our websites. This information helps us make our websites even more useful. However, we have removed this information again after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Additional data are only saved if necessary in order to process a visit to a fair or other event held by Koelnmesse, or if you voluntarily provide such information to us.

However, Koelnmesse may also periodically receive your personal data from third parties. This can occur, for example, when personal information is forwarded by associations, exhibitors, foreign representatives, chambers of commerce and industry or agents of business address. If you do not want personal data not sent directly to us to be used, please contact the address in the legal warnings and notify us about this fact.

If you send us any emails, we collect, process and use your personal information to help us provide our services and perform any necessary correspondence. It is also the case of sending contact forms, letters or fax. You may at any time determine that your data should not be used for advertising purposes. You are regularly aware of this right in all our informational and advertising correspondence.

We take all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that all data collected, processed or used is protected against loss, removal, tampering, tampering beyond access and unauthorized routing.

In addition, our employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of the data. They receive regular training in data protection and data security.

What information do we transmit?

Koelnmesse transmits your personal data to third parties if necessary to process your purchases, organize your participation in the fair or billing services.

However, our goals are more comprehensive. We wish to meet you and put you in touch with our partners and important exhibitors. In addition, we want to be able to give you even greater support for your next participation in the fair.

However, it is your choice if you wish to take advantage of the additional services and provide us with data that may be forwarded to third parties.

Visitors to events organized by Koelnmesse will have their data sent to exhibitors, associations or third parties under the following conditions:
• The fair’s visitor has not disputed or, if necessary, given permission to have his data sent to exhibitors, associations or outsourced companies
• Before forwarding the data to outside-based exhibitors, associations or third-party companies, we always check if the data protection standards in the recipient’s country are equivalent to those in Germany. If not, the beneficiary is obliged to guarantee Koelnmesse contractually that the data protection rules will be met.
• Koelnmesse sells a business fair to another company. As a result of such sale, personal data that are directly related to the event can be forwarded to the buyer.
Koelnmesse does not sell or transfer your personal data to third parties for any other reason.

Our foreign representatives and our service partners in Germany and abroad are contractually obligated to fully comply with data protection and safety standards and guidelines. Koelnmesse will verify that this obligation is fulfilled.

Protecting your data

We have the responsibility for the protection of the information entrusted to us with great seriousness. Koelnmesse uses a wide range of security techniques, including secure servers, firewalls, and financial data encryption.

Koelnmesse websites include forums, information boards and discussion groups as well as chat rooms. Please keep in mind that the personal information you provide is accessible to other users. Therefore, you should carefully consider the possible consequences before disclosing such information.

Your rights

If you have informed us of your personal information, we will provide you with appropriate access to the information we have stored about you so that you can make changes or even delete them. You can request the copy of your profile using the address that can be found at the end of legal warnings.


Contact details

Our address can be found in the legal warnings on the lower left margin of this page. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the management of your personal data. We will check the issue immediately.