WellFood Ingredients Congress 2019

The WellFood Ingredients Congress was held in one of the Pro Magno auditoriums and has the ITAL partnership to deliver relevant, up-to-date and unprecedented content.


Participation in the congress was included:


  • Welcome Coffee
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Certificate online
  • Free access to visit the fair
  • Knowledge and Networking

Check out the 2019 grid. 

Module I – Industry directions: The main trends and ways to adapt to market demands.

9h15 – 9h30Opening – Welcome
Welcome: Luis Madi, Director of Institutional Affairs -Ital/SAA
Hélvio Colino, President – ABIAM
9h30 – 10h10Products reformulation, changes in labeling and the image of industry in society
The challenges of the Food Industry in Brazil facing the new standards and requirements of regulatory agencies. How to adapt on not missing the timing of both industry and consumer.
Lecturer: Raul Amaral, Coordinator of the Technological Innovation Platform – Ital/SAA
10h10 – 10h20Labonathus – Lecture: Soluble fiber for sugar reduction.
10h20 – 11h00The main global trends in the healthy food and beverages segment and the forecasts for the coming years in South America.
Consumer trends and opportunities for a segment that is on a steady rise.
Lecturer: Lamine Lahouasnia, Head of Food and Nutrition at Euromonitor International (International Speaker)

11h00 – 11h10

Doremus – Lecture: Nutrition 360°.
11h10 – 12h00A debate on the new directions of the food industry, soft drinks, functional ingredients and dietary supplements.
• Technology as an ally of the food industry. How to improve and add new functions to traditional foods, following consumption trends in Brazil.
• What is allowed and what is forbidden regarding the development and promotion of functional products, nutraceuticals and food supplements.
Coordinator: Luis Madi, Director of Institutional Affairs – Ital/SAA
Alexandre Jobim, President – ABIR
Beatriz Milliet, Director of Institutional Relations – ABIA
Hélvio Colino, President – ABIAM
Tatiana Pires, President – ABIAD
12h00 – 12h10Nexira Brasil – Lecture: Fiber and functional food intestinal health.


14h00 – 14h40Q-Trends | Innovation from the point of view of consumer behavior and its relationship with nutrition
How consumer and nutrition trends correlate with health, communication, experience and behaviour, and how an analysis on this information contribute to the development of innovative and disruptive projects for the segment.
Speaker: Carolina Godoy – Equilibrium.
14h40 – 14h50Duas Rodas – Lecture: Fruittion Botanicals.
14h50 – 15h20Design Thinking for building desirable futures. A methodology in favour of innovation in the ingredients, functional foods and food supplements industries
Build desirable futures in the industry from the Design perspective. Alternatives to achieve future challenges through steps taken nowadays.
Speaker: Mário Rosa, General Manager Brazil – Echos Escola de Design Thinking.
15h20 – 15h30C.A GRAMKOW – Lecture: New Concepts in Food Food for Future.
15h30 – 16h10Social Media and Content Strategies. How the Internet and Social Networks can collaborate with the development of the segment
Successful cases from the Food Industry and tips to improve your products and ingredients promotion using the Internet and Social Networks.
Speaker: Douglas Gomides – What Moves Marketing.
16h10 – 16h20INGREDION BRASIL – Lecture: Virtual Laboratory.
16h20 – 17h10Active and intelligent packaging: responding to the challenges of modern society
An overview on the possibilities that technology and information can make in favour of your projects.
Lecturer: Claire Sarantópoulos, Scientific Researcher at Cetea-Ital/SAA
17h10 – 17h20Ashlan – Lecture: Challenges in the development of nutraceuticals.

Module III – Keeping an eye at the present days! Actions that should be taken nowadays for better opportunities in the future

9h30 – 10h10The Future of Nutrition and Fortification
Immersing in macro and micro trends that will influence the future of nutrition in developing markets.
Speaker: Ana Maria Carvajal – Segment Lead for Food & Beverage at DSM LATAM
10h10 – 10h20GELITA DO BRASIL – Lecture: Healthy Aging.
10h35 – 11h15 Carrefour Act for Food
How the retail segment is adapting due to the growing demand for healthiness and how brands are working on developments according to those purposes.
Speaker: Paulo Pianez, Director of Sustainability of the Carrefour Group
11h00 – 11h10TOVANI BENZAQUEN – Lecture: Lentil protein sustainable ingredient.
11h10 – 12h00What is the role of regulation for scientific strengthening in the development of specific products
How companies can stand out in a promising and highly competitive marketplace to satisfy the consumer who is more aware and eager for information.
Speaker: Marcos Pupin, ABIAD
12h00 – 12h10KYLOS – Lecture: supplementation of choline.

Module IV – Keeping an eye at the present days! Actions that should be taken nowadays for better opportunities in the future (Part II)

14h00 – 14h40How to optimize your products communication according to the new legislation.
Tips on how to promote appropriately functional ingredients, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements respecting the current legislation.
Speaker: Elaine Guaraldo – Vigna do Brasil
14h40 – 14h50

ALIBRA – Lecture: Caseinates and powdered oils

14h50 – 15h20 Global Consumer Trends Ingredients
How ingredient companies develop their products according to consumer trends and how it influences and drive innovative business solutions for the food and beverage industry.
Speaker: Beth Niemann Hacker – Global Director of Market Research, Tate & Lyle
15h20 – 15h30Ayalla – Ricera – Lecture: Promising microalgae ingredient.
15h30 – 16h10Bioactive, Probiotics and Herbal Compounds in tackling the aging and obesity. How the industry, the market and nutrition professionals have responded to those trends
How the industry, the market and nutrition professionals have responded to those trends.
Speaker: Natália Marques, VP Consultoria
16h10 – 16h20Liotécnica – Lecture: Bioactive compounds Camu-Camu and Acerola.
16h20 – 17h10Industry 4.0 – What it is and how it affects the food industry
Learn more about the new industry concept that comprises the major technological innovations in the fields of automation, control and information technology applied to manufacturing processes.
Speaker: Bruno Luiz Belanda, Director and Founder of Intelup
17h10 – 17h20Lecture: Supplementation and regulatory scenario.

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